Product Matrix

Now you will record the information on what type of products are available in your context as they relate to the user categorization and service level described in the table below.

Table. User categorization listing product requirements and required skill level of service providers within each category. The categorization has been adapted from the NHS wheelchair standards (page 18; [33]).
CAT 1 PART TIME USER (SHORT TERM): Temporary requirement. Normally independently mobile. Immobile due to accident or operation. (May include terminal care) ● *Depot/Transit wheelchair with minimal fitting requirements Basic


PART TIME USER (LONG TERM)- Ability to walk short distances. Requires wheelchair on regular basis for both indoor and outdoor mobility to maintain level of independence and quality of life ● Self-propelling standard or lightweight

● Wheelchair cushion

CAT 3 FULL TIME USER ACTIVE – Independent mobility and lifestyle. Appropriate equipment reduces dependence on others and improves quality of life ● Self-propelling standard/Lightweight high-performance Wheelchair

● Pressure relieving cushion

● May require postural supports

CAT 4 FULL TIME USER ACTIVE – Unable to self-propel. Independent mobility with powered wheelchair. Degree of independence in daily living activities ● Electric Powered Indoor/Outdoor Chair (EPIC & EPIOC) depending on ability/environment

● Requires postural support such as tilt in space/ recline mechanism, lateral supports, pelvic belts etc.

● Pressure relieving cushion

CAT 5 FULL TIME USER with limited activity – Limited or lack of ability to self-propel. Dependent for many daily living needs ● Attendant propelled manual or power wheelchair

● Complex seating requirements

● Postural and positioning supports

● Pressure relieving cushion

Intermediate/ advanced

Please fill out the worksheet below for the products available in your country. If you are unfamiliar with the WHO Wheelchair Guidelines, we recommend reviewing them first in advance of completing this table.

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