Example of professional certifications

In several countries in the world there are certification programs for professionals that work in the assistive technology and wheeled mobility field. Below is a list of certifications offered by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America(RESNA) in the United States:

  • Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) Certification:Recognizes demonstrated competence in analyzing the needs of consumers with disabilities, assisting in the selection of appropriate assistive technology for consumers’ needs, and providing training in the use of the selected devices.
  • Seating and Mobility Specialist (SMS): Recognizes demonstrated competence in seating and mobility assessment, funding resources, implementation of intervention, and outcome assessment and follow-up. The SMS is a specialty certificationfor professionals working in seating and mobility. While the ATP is a broad-based exam covering all major areas of assistive technology, the SMS exam is focused specifically on seating, positioning, and mobility. The program is intended for clinicians, suppliers, engineers and others involved in seating and mobility service provision.

In Oceania, there are also two professional certification programs in assistive technology:

  • New Zealand has a Wheeled Mobility and Postural Management level 1 and level 2 available to occupational and physical therapists who work in wheelchair provision.
  • The Australian Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Association (ARATA) proposed a project for National Credentialing and Accreditation for Assistive Technology Practitioners and Suppliers [60].